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Donate to support future concerts and receive access to Chetan's full performance of all 11 Moonshadows, recorded on a Yamaha CFX at Peace Church in Santa Cruz, CA

“Gorgeeeeoussssss”  - Katherine V.


“Awesome concerts! I easily enjoyed your performances of these pieces as much as any I've heard before. Technically flawless and highly expressive.” - Jacob A. 


“My goodness, such expression, liquidity and power. What more does a person need? Thank you for sharing.” - Robert P.


“Omg so good!!! I love how you performed with so much emotion. Difficult pieces too! Thank you Chetan.” - Glen K. 


“WOW--first rate playing. You are a tremendous player. I thoroughly enjoyed your compositions as well.” - John L.


“Your recitals today was very impressive!!! You are in a great shape! Wonderful accomplished pianist!!! Congratulations with all your great acheivements!” - Inessa L.


“Your playing, truly, what a treat! The Chopin and Schubert were so heartfelt and fluidic as well as both were quite tender and powerful at the same time. I loved how you combined Moonshadows before and after the first movement of the Hyperspace Sonata. I think you’re very successful in taking people on a meditative journey as afterward I truly soared, even more than after Chopin and Schubert - though I loved them all. BRAVO!!!!” - Lesley T


“Thank you Chetan, beautiful music and really loved your intensity, the emotion of your interpretations. The Schubert Impromptus are magnificent.” Fredy G.


“Your playing is heartfelt, beautiful, and very well put together, and I loved it!” - Sam J.


“Absolutely lovely, each piece. Played with finesse and passion - bravo!” - Pauline R.


“Beautiful concert Chetan. Few pianists have as agile a left hand, robust, beautiful tone and unhurried timing. You display full command of your instrument and the music. Congratulations!” - John O.


“Your music is invigorating!” - Andrea M.

“I love listening to you play — you are so magical and make it look so easy.” - Evie


“Chetan, you have honed the edge of your artistry that you have always had. Keep performing, keep playing, you have a unique talent!” - Josef S.


“Thanks for your concerts. I very much liked it. I’m amazed you have composed something so meditative, and that you can play it as you do. Best continued success to you.” - Rick A.


"I was totally impressed with your concerts, congratulations on such great success!  You are a true master.  I look forward to more in the future.” - Judy P.


“Absolutely brilliant! I’ve watched both concerts multiple times and enjoyed every minute. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and beautiful music with us!” - Kendall C. 


“Your interpretation of Chopin brought tears of joy to my eyes. Your playing seemed effortless and because of your virtuosity, I was able to fully relax into the pieces and your beautifully written music as well. You are exceptional and because of your work, talents and discipline I was transported and healed.” - Nancy A.


“Truly inspired… exceptionally relaxed and powerful!” - Terry C.

"Chopin music melts my heart. You played it so beautifully." - Arianna

"A superb performance on so many different levels. The compositions captivate the listener with their intensity, depth and variety. This is not just ‘music to my ears’, but it is an absolute delight to see the focus on Chetan’s hands." - Mandy

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