While Chetan is a performing artist first, he does maintain a small piano studio in San Diego, CA as Artist-in-Residence through The San Diego Piano Academy. If you would like to inquire about taking lessons with Chetan, click here and fill out the inquiry form through San Diego Piano Academy.


As a private teacher, Mr. Tierra brings students an insight from the highest level while providing patient advice that is tailored to the needs of each student. No two students are alike, and therefore a different approach must be taken with each one. Chetan specializes in giving the essential tools for his students to flourish while providing a love for music and maintaining high standards. He is also great at taking proven students and bringing them to a higher level, sometimes fixing problems that may have occurred during a previous learning process. Mr. Tierra teaches that music is a cool and rewarding experience and that students deserve to see it that way. He is well versed in many styles of music and is excited to pass these on to his students as well.

Many of Chetan's students are winning local and international competitions. Just this year, his students took home both first and second prize in the San Diego Concerto Competition.

- Lessons are always at the student's home, which Mr. Tierra finds beneficial to the comfort of learning.


- While he specializes in highly advanced students, their ability does not play a role in his decision to take on the student or not, even with beginners. The student just needs to have a supportive family and a general natural ability with the instrument.

- The basics of piano playing always starts from the classical perspective, but as the student progresses, elements of pop, movie music, songwriting, and improvising, can be learned upon request.

"This teacher is not going to waste your time. He is very well organized, has great interpersonal skills, knowledgeable at teaching piano and talented at playing piano. Mr. Tierra sets realistic goals that helps my son to succeed. He fosters in my son understanding and appreciation for music. Mr. Tierra is also a Great Pianist!"

-Olga J.

Chetan also teaches through the prestigious online music school, Masterful Musician. It is here where he teaches students across the globe and mentors professional musicians embarking on their own competition and concert careers.


The school has a growing library of video courses, presented by Chetan and his wife, Melissa, that are designed to help musicians of all kinds build a flawless foundation for musical mastery.


Currently, these courses include, Master Your Practicing where Chetan reveals all the techniques the professionals use to reach their unmatched abilities and Piano Academy which is a full pre-conservatory level complete piano learning system. Students can also join the VIP program and send in a video for review once a month.


To learn more about these courses, click here

“I am so delighted to have you as my music wizard/guru/teacher. My devious plan was to whiz through level 1 before scheduling a consultation with you. With 4 total years of instruction by college music majors, it should all be review, right? Did anyone ever show me how to sit at the piano? No. Hold my wrists? No. Position my fingers correctly? Did anyone ever take a simple piece and insist on correct articulations for every note? NO. What the hell was I paying for? I'm so excited that I'm finally going to learn how this all works.”


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